Winter load increases to end in certain zones

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has announced the ending of winter load increases (WLI) beginning next week. WLIs will expire in the South, Southeast, and Metro seasonal load limit zones on Monday, March 6 and 12:01 a.m.

MnDOT will continue to monitor and evaluate weather conditions to make further announcements regarding the start date of spring load restrictions in these zones.

Overweight permits for more than 80,000-pound gross vehicle weight will and new permits will be issued if all axle and group weights are legal. Full-summer overweight permits can be issued, during the spring load restriction period, for travel on the interstate system only.

Middle-range overweight permits become available within each zone when spring load restrictions are lifted. Full-summer overweight permits become available two to three weeks after spring load restrictions are lifted.

Ending dates for spring load restrictions are variable and based on how the weather is affecting roadway strength.

Start and end dates and other load limit information are shown here.