Editorial Guidelines

We welcome news about your deals, tips on trends, and offers of sources, Q&A and podcast candidates, case studies and guest columnists. Following are some tips on what we’re looking for.

News Releases:

  • If possible, submit your press release to the best candidate on our team—whether it’s an editor covering your market, the daily newsletter editor, one of our podcasters, or other specialists.
  • While the press release is great background, we’ll want to interview an expert and get some original quotes and perspective. Please be prepared to arrange a same-day interview.
  • News must be current—we do not report news that is a few days old or previously reported by another venue. Deal roundups do not constitute news.
  • We love exclusives! If you can give us the news first, it’s significant and it’s a good fit, there’s a good chance we’ll take it. If we choose to pass, we’ll try to let you know quickly so you can offer it to someone else (and if you don’t hear back, please do follow up).
  • We also love advance notice so we have time to do the necessary reporting and writing in time to release the news as it’s being announced. Rest assured, we will respect all embargo times on such opportunities offered to us.
  • Please note that submission does not guarantee publication.
  • Please keep in mind that we receive a great many releases and news pitches. It is often not possible to track these, and even harder to respond to them. We are happy for you to follow up on offers of an exclusive, but we ask you to track coverage on our site of lesser news.

Trend Stories, Podcasts and Q&As:

  • Our editorial calendar lists planned features, but we are always looking for ideas and suggestions, both for interview candidates and sources for specific topics. New ideas, angles and perspectives are more likely to attract our interest. We also appreciate details and examples we can cite.
  • Specifics make for better interviews and add greater value to our articles. The more, the better.
  • We reserve the right to determine timing, best interview candidates and questions to be asked.