Survey indicates local development fees generally flat for 2024

Minimal changes are expected in development fees in the St. Cloud area during 2024.

The Central Minnesota Builders Association (CMBA) 2024 Annual Local Development Fees Survey shows most St. Cloud-area communities plan for little or no fee changes coming this year. That is good news as area communities have signaled the need and desire for more housing, particularly affordable single-family homes, and local fees are a major factor in the final cost.

The city of Sartell plans to keep development and permit fees flat, with the exception of a $25 increase in roofing and siding permit fees. The cities of Waite Park, St. Augusta, St. Joseph and Sauk Rapids indicate they have no plans to increase regular development or permit fees this year. Stearns and Benton counties also plan to keep regular development fees flat.

CMBA negotiates delayed, phased-in approach to new St. Cloud development fees

Earlier this year, St. Cloud passed a three-year phase-in of $244 million in sewer and water access charges, along with a new Trunk Access Charge starting in 2024, primarily impacting multifamily development.

CMBA successfully advocated for the delayed start and multi-year phase-in of those fees because immediate implementation would have severely impacted local projects already in development and curtail needed future development.