Project Build Minnesota student explorers tour the industry

Streeter Custom Homes gives students a tour of the job site.

Launched in September 2021, Project Build Minnesota partnered with the Scouts to form the Construction Trades Explorers Post as a pilot program to expose youth to the variety of careers available in the trades. Working alongside association partners and industry firms, the program has given youth unique hands-on learning experiences.

Participating youth attend metro-area high schools and meet one Saturday a month to visit various sites across the Twin Cities. In January and February, the Explorers learned about safety on the job from The Builders Group and received a personal tour of a Streeter Custom Homes home under construction.

“I strongly believe that young people need to know that not everybody needs to automatically go to college after high school,” said Kirk Van Slooten of Streeter Custom Homes. “There are alternatives that lead to a successful career. Plumbers, electricians, and mechanics all make a very good living wage and are careers to be proud of.”

“We are so grateful to our partners and the adult volunteers who have given up Saturday mornings to work with this group of students,” said Dan Beaving, president of Project Build Minnesota. “You can see the spark and interest these hands-on experiences are creating for these young explorers.”

If you are interested in showcasing your firm’s work through this program, please reach out to