Lennar plans to bring 154 townhomes to Maple Grove

Source: Lennar

Lennar Corporation will be building 72 townhomes in Maple Grove, and they hope to add an additional 82 townhomes to their already approved project for a total of 154 market-rate units in the new Weston Commons neighborhood. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhomes sized between 1,700-1,800 square feet will be sold starting at $350,000. Some are slated for rentals as well.

City officials have slowed the process due to concerns over the ratio of rental properties, making the blanket assumption that renters don’t take as good of care of property as owners do. However, all 154 properties will be under the same homeowner’s association.

“Lennar wants to be able to offer another attainable option,” said Paul Tabon, a representative for Lennar, in the planning commission meeting. As housing prices continue to soar, we continue to see creative options from developers to try and bring more starter homes into the market.