Board of Electricity wraps technical review

In early December, the Board of Electricity’s 2023 National Electrical Code (NEC) review committee completed a four-meeting review of the 2023 NEC. This review marked a return
to in-person technical review meetings, a first since the COVID pandemic began.

In July, Housing First Minnesota, the statewide housing trade association, called for a deeper technical review following the adoption of the 2020 NEC, which was completed over the course of two short meetings and approved by the Board of Electricity immediately after the technical review was complete.

“We’re very pleased with the more rigorous review,” said Nick Erickson, senior director of housing policy for Housing First Minnesota. “One area of improvement in the future is the cost analysis. It is more complex than searching for the per-unit price of specific components on Home Depot or Amazon’s websites.”

The final meeting of the technical review was held on Dec. 6 and was to include a review of the final Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) which included the board’s cost analysis. The final SONAR and outcome of the December meeting were not available at the time of printing. A full review of the 2023 NEC, approved by the technical review committee, will be available on once available.